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Kirsten's Place

This space is dedicated to providing updates on the construction of Kirsten's Place

Kirsten's Place

In 2021, Kirsten Lee Gardner tragically became a victim of domestic homicide.
As a member of the Mountain View County community, the loss of Kirsten has had a profound impact on the awareness of Domestic Violence. Following her passing, Kirsten's Father contacted our organization informing us that he would like to be involved in the construction of our future emergency shelter. 

The Mountain View Emergency Shelter Society became a registered charity with CRA in 2008.
A group of volunteer community members with law enforcement and experience within other helping professions formed a board of directors after identifying through their roles that there was a critical need for support for families and individuals impacted by domestic violence. 
The board of directors began planning the future of the society, raising funds for an emergency shelter and for outreach service operating costs. 

Since 2016, our outreach services have been assisting individuals and families affected by Family Violence across Mountain View County. Since the inception of these services, we have seen an increase in clients accessing shelter support and other available services.

As a result of many fundraising events, hosted by both local business and supporters, as well as our organization, we are now in a position to construct Kirsten's Place. 

Kirsten's Place will be an emergency shelter, housing individuals and families impacted by domestic violence.

Kirsten's Place is lovingly dedicated to Kirsten Lee Gardner, and named by her family.

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