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About Us

  • Mountain View Emergency Shelter Society promotes and supports Outreach Services for individuals and families who may be in an abusive relationship, are seeking information surrounding issues of domestic violence and/or are pursuing healthier lifestyle changes.  Our Outreach Coordinator is available for meetings both in our community office spaces or within the community.

  • Our Outreach Coordinator can help individuals with danger assessments, safety planning, boundary setting and understanding healthy relationships. They provide information and referrals to access community resources and provide preventative programs and services.

  • The Outreach Coordinator provides emotional support, and advocacy.

  • All of our Support Programs are free and provides confidentiality for all individuals.

Vision Statement

A Community free from family violence and abuse.

Mission Statement

To support individuals and families to live free from family violence and abuse.

Guiding Principles

Mountain View Emergency Shelter Society

  • recognizes each person’s right to self-determination

  • acknowledges violence can be physical, emotional, psychological, sexual, and financial

  • recognizes the impact of violence on children and acknowledges that the rights of children are separate and distinct from their parents

  • is an inclusive organization that acknowledges the issues of anyone affected by family violence.

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